Gary Vee: The Man Leading The Millennials and Beyond


As a serial investor in some of the world’s biggest tech companies such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Uber, Gary Vaynerchuk knows where consumers are going to go before they get there. 

Gary Vaynerchuk built his empire on the foundation of balancing the cultural differences of the baby boomers and the millennials and with that bore, Vaynermedia, one of the world’s most impactful digital agencies. Gary Vaynerchuk claims his secret to success is simply hard work but it is evident that the adaptation of his skills to the modern world plays a much stronger role in the story of his insurmountable success.   

Born in Belarus, Gary Vaynerchuk had his first taste of success in America at the age of 14, using his affinity for persuasion to shift baseball cards in his local market for thousands of dollars. Confident that this was the start of his entrepreneurial endeavours, Vaynerchuk was sure his future was in the business of making millions of dollars. He was right.    

Over the following years, Vaynerchuk created winelibrary.com, a move that would flip his family business from a three million dollar valuation to sixty million dollars in just five years through leveraging his understanding of the new sales tactics – from email marketing to Google AdWords – born from the Internet.   

In 2006, Gary Vaynerchuk became a YouTube novice with the creation of his channel Wine Library TV, featuring wine reviews and advice for viewers who had an interest in purchasing quality wine. Eventually he conquered the YouTube world and became an Internet sensation, with  American Television channels offering him his own TV show. 

With his rise to fame, he piqued the interest of some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and investors such as Kevin Rose, Ev Williams and Mark Zuckerberg. Through these connections, Vaynerchuk developed his interest in angel investing and began to invest in the largest tech companies of today such as Twitter and Tumblr long before they were popular among end users.  

During this time, Vaynerchuk developed his skills as a sensational public speaker and a motivational author, delivering keynotes at major tech events and writing his very first book, “Crush It!”, landing himself on the New York Times bestseller list in a short period of time. An achievement he would later duplicate with the help of his latest book “#AskGaryVee”.    

VaynerMedia was born in 2009, an agency set up by Vaynerchuk and his brother AJ to increase social media engagement of some of the largest conglomerates in the world. His clientele includes General Electric, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Pepsi-Co. Now with over 500 employees and multiple acquisitions under his belt, Vaynerchuk, who is now known as Gary Vee, is soon to build a conglomerate of his own.   

Deciding he wasn’t quite done with YouTube after departing from his original channel, WineLibraryTV, Gary Vee embarked on his own journey of giving back to the community he had been cultivating for years. The #AskGaryVeeShow bore a new revolution of changing the lives of young millennials who think they don’t have the resources to build their own empires. Gary Vee shows them how it’s done and attracts a cult following of millions of people online and offline. His mission is to help build the world’s most innovative businesses.   

Gary Vaynerchuk will be speaking at DTS on February 15th on the rise of the Internet and how brands who out-care and out-love their competition see the biggest returns.   

Secure your ticket to DTS here to ensure you don’t miss out on Gary’s only appearance in Ireland in 2017. To enjoy more of his insights follow him on Twitter.  

Ayisha Ogbara

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