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It’s time to take a break before you burnout

French workers are now entitled to “disconnect” from work while at home to decrease the chances of employees suffering burnout. As of 1st January, French workers employed by companies with 50 or more employees can negotiate when they have the right to digitally disconnect, and will not be required to answer emails, messages, phone calls […]

Is Adblock Plus trying to help publishers?

With the near doubling of Adblock Plus downloads and users in the past couple of years, content publishers’ advertising revenue is suffering. Is Flattr Plus going to undo some of that damage and aide the publishers? Back in May 2016, German company Eyeo’s Adblock Plus, and Swedish content-funding startup, Flattr, collaborated to provide a service which allows […]

Under the Social Influencers

With the rise in the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, social influencers and influencer marketing has emerged as a major channel utilised by brands to advertise their products. Celebrity endorsements are not a new phenomenon, in fact, some of the first celebrity endorsements were royal endorsements of products to convey their quality and […]

Is there a future for data scientists?

Is it a re-branding? Is it a combination of older professions? Termed “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” by the Harvard Business Review, just what might lie ahead for data scientists? Data science and data scientist are two terms which are in their infancy, and their respective meanings are still debated in some circles. […]


Wearable Tech: More Than Just Entertainment

With the increase in major brands producing wearable tech, some companies are looking to use this uptick to aide the health and safety of people…and animals. Wearable technology has begun to take a strong hold of the consumer market with companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Garmin, and Fitbit flogging their latest wares to those of […]