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The Smart City Opportunity

Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D. CIO, City of Palo Alto @reichental Three million more people move into cities every week Assuming that current trends continue, our future belongs to cities. Already half of all humans on the planet live in cities, and by 2050 a full 70 percent of civilization will live, work, and play in an urban […]


A Look into DTS StartUp100 Programme

The StartUp100 Programme is an integral part of Dublin Tech Summit and offers burgeoning companies an opportunity to showcase their potential to a wide and varied audience. Daniel Kyne, StartUp100 Programme Manager offers insights into the process behind the initiative. The StartUp100 Programme is bringing 100 early-stage companies from all over the world to DTS […]

The Evolution of Dublin’s Silicon Docks

What was once a symbol of industrial decline, Dublin’s docklands has become one of the most prosperous areas of the country, a symbol of how far Ireland has come in it’s recovery from the financial crisis of the 2000’s. Over the past ten years the tech scene in Dublin has gone from strength to strength. […]

Marketing = Quality over Quantity

Size is crucial for many things in life – but not for marketing. What’s the first thing that comes into your head when you hear marketing? For many, their response is advertising. There’s no denying that advertising and marketing have similarities and will often be found operating under the same department. But the truth is, […]


Bridging The Gap Between Global Corporations & Startups

The underlying goal both global corporations and startups share is the creation of value for their company, their end consumers, and their specific industry as a whole. However the gap between the two groups of innovators has yet to be closed. Global corporations and startups have the potential to bring each other game changing opportunities […]

The Appeal of Dublin as a Location for International Businesses

Dublin – Ireland’s capital city – is one of the world’s most visited cities by tourists far and wide. The home of Guinness, U2 and other internationally recognised icons sees thousands of visitors to its streets every month. Ireland’s cultural heritage has also helped put Dublin on the map, with Irish roots found in every […]

Fintech In Ireland

One of the most demanding qualities of modern technology is speed. If you’re designing something that you want people to use, it is essential that it completes its function fast and efficiently. When it comes to financial technology there is little room for error. That is why Ireland’s Silicon Docks have become home to dozens […]

Five Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

  Iris Daly Head of Digital at eir Business @eirBusiness   Digital marketing has become a lightning fast world where changes and innovation happen at the speed of light. It’s exhilarating and a little overwhelming. Iris Daly, Head of Digital at eir Business gives you the lowdown on the trends brands can expect to see […]

The Move to Regulate Fintech

Financial technology — known more commonly as fintech — is attracting a lot of attention globally, but there are arguments that regulation for the phenomenon must be developed at a rapid rate in order to facilitate the burgeoning industry. Financial technology – fintech – is one of the most lucrative terms in recent years. Since […]